Mr. Puskar was presented with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers 2015 Barnett-Uzgiris Product Safety Award Medal in Boston on 8/2/15.

From the plant operating floor to the Boardroom...

Mr. Puskar has helped change the safety culture related to fuels, boilers, and steam systems at fortune 100 companies throughout the World.

Mr. Puskar has personally participated in the development of safety programs for fuels and fired equipment including for flammable gasses in many cases, post tragedies. Mr. Puskar has implemented these programs for most all major industries and has done this as both a third party and as someone to bring these programs to be performed by a clients own staff. 

Mr. Puskar has prepared and presented dozens of papers related to fuels and combustion systems safety. His recent book provides a summary of the kinds of background and expertise that is still offered on a selective basis.


Whether it's a recent accident (fire or explosion), a major utility systems outage, or a new project requiring specialized independent honest expertise Mr. Puskar can help.

John R. Puskar, P.E. President of Prescient Technical Services is an internationally recognized expert in the field of fuels and flammable gas safety. He has been a licensed professional engineer for over 30 years. He has served on a number of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code and standards committees related to industrial fuels, piping, process ovens/furnaces, and boilers.

Mr. Puskar is the founder of the worlds largest fuels and combustion equipment safety testing company. His firm has completed more than 25,000 industrial fired equipment safety audits identifying more than 200,000 issues for corrective actions. 

Mr. Puskar has trained thousands of engineers, operators, boiler inspectors, and mangers in the area of combustion equipment safety. He has published more than 50 journal articles in the field and has presented at dozens of conferences. In 2014 John S. Wiley and sons published Mr. Puskar's book, "Fuels and Combustion Systems Safety, what you don't know can kill you!".

Mr. Puskar as served as an expert and consultant to industrial clients and attorneys after some of the most serious industrial fires and explosions in modern times. Mr. Puskar's company offers practical solutions for flammable gas fire and explosion hazards in the manufacturing, process, waste water treatment, and oil & gas industries. 

If you've had an incident and need help give me a call. I have been there before and can guide you through both the short term, recovery of your facilities and processes, and long term policies, procedures and training to reduce future risks.

Combustion Equipment & Flammable Gas Safety for Industry