Flammable Gas Safety for the E&P Industry 

John R. Puskar, P.E. President of Prescient Technical Services is a licensed professional engineer, served on  NFPA/ASME code committees, published author and the developer of fire and explosion hazard abatement processes in use at hundreds of industrial plants. Mr. Puskar built the largest Industrial Combustion Equipment Safety Company in the world. Mr. Puskar sat with CEO's of fortune 100 companies, Litigation/Plaintiffs attorneys, and officials from OSHA and the US Chemical Safety Board to find solutions for some of the largest most public explosion and fire catastrophes in modern times involving many deaths and billions of dollars in losses.

Mr. Puskar's new company, PTS, offers solutions for flammable gas fire and explosion hazards in the oil and gas world. These solutions are not one day workshops or magical fixes. They require commitments to culture changing processes that involve re-thinking People, Policies, and Equipment.

If you've had an incident and now understand ALL of the consequences or would like to avoid one I'd love to hear from you. I can help you to pick up the pieces and guide your organization through a sustainable corporate program that makes sense and puts you on a path to minimizing future risks.

26 public fires & explosions - 24 months

7 deaths/39 injured

Hundreds of millions in losses

Regulators & Attorneys are Bringing Flammable Gas Safety to You!

The industries rapid development is unfortunately seeing a proportionate increase in carnage. Although detailed incident information, (expert reports, root cause analyses, etc.), are not available, it's clear that flammable gas safety measures need to be enhanced in the industry as it moves forward. 

OSHA and the US Chemical Safety Board are trying to do their part to reduce risks. They are currently supporting efforts to remove the industry from exemptions related to OSHA's PSM Program, (Process Safety Management). NIOSH is pursuing an effort to further evaluate worker exposures and deaths. Flammable gas hazard abatement is coming to this industry. You can be ahead of this, or forced into it. It's your choice. If you can take actions prior to a death or injury everyone wins!