Everyone get's a sticker to encourage

discussion after the session

25 Hazards Training is for EVERYONE at the site!

Being Aware

....and it's the first training solution aimed at everyone in a facility whether they regularly deal with boilers, steam, fuels, combustion systems, or not. Finally a Training format that provides simple concise practical "awareness level" safety training for the masses when it comes to fuels, piping, steam, and combustion systems.

I have personally presented and trained more than 10,000 boiler operators, engineers, supervisors, managers and yes even boiler inspectors. You can buy training from lots of people, BUT PLEASE ASK TO SEE THE CREDENTIALS OF WHO IS DELIVERING, THEN COMPARE THOSE CREDENTIALS TO MINE. Then you will understand the value of what you are really buying.

Hot Work

Gas Hazards

5 standard themes, but these can be customized to your facility.

Piping & Valves

It's called "25 HAZARDS".

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