It's Needs Assessment, Content, Delivery and Knowledge Validation

What is Training Value?

Who is delivering the content, what is that persons background and experience?

Is any customization occurring, real life photo's of your equipment, interviews of your staff, addressing your real needs and problems?

Can the presenter be "fun" can he/she hold the interest of the group? Does that person have a lifetime of "real life" stories to interject?

Any thought or discussion about knowledge transfer validation?

Standard Course Modules Offerings:

1. Combustion Basics

2. Fuel Train Basics

3. Codes & Standards for Combustion Equipment

4. Inspecting & Testing Safety Combustion Equipment Safety Devices

5. Equipment Specific Focus: Boilers, Ovens, Furnaces, (selected on the basis of client needs)

6. Gas Hazards

7. Fuel Systems Purging and Maintenance Requirements

8. Steam System Safety Considerations

9. Bolted Connection Safety Considerations

10. "Hands-on" trip/function testing including valve seat leakage testing

Combustion Systems Hazards Training

35 years of delivering training value to thousands!

Serving the world, international assignments have included England, the Phillipines, Singapore, Spain, Poland Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Canada, and Mexico.

What is Training Value?

Does the presentation include mixed media, hand drawn charts and calculations, Powerpoint slides, video's, actual components brought to class?

Has the person actually been a part of several code committees? or is this person just reading slides hoping no one will really ask a question?

Has the group you are engaging even heard of ASSE Z490 Safety Training Standard and do they know what a needs assessment is? Are learning objectives spelled out?

Any class handouts?