Assisted major global fortune 100 companies in the aftermaths of tragedies. Prepared corporate programs to recover employee and staff confidence in operations. Served as plaintiffs expert in several high profile nationally recognized legal cases related to combustion systems accidents.

Safety Meetings, Conferences, Important Events

Accomplished author published by Wiley & Sons, book now translated to Chinese, presented at more than 50 safety conferences, published more than 50 articles in industry journals.

Safety Culture Change starts with a VISION. Mr. Puskar can deliver that vision and leadership for your next event. Mr. Puskar has developed and delivered more than 50 customized presentations to thousands over the past 35 years. Mr. Puskar's presentations are thought provoking, have impact and leave a basis for meaningful change.

Mr. Puskar's areas of emphasis can include:

The Legal Teams Expert's View on a Catastrophe: Mr. Puskar's experience as a plaintiffs expert for a number of high profile cases can give insights into why cultures need to change to avoid personal criminal liability of managers. How to restructure for long term safety culture sustainability. How to integrate standards and codes into the daily life of all involved.

What it's like immediately after a tragedy, and how to recover:

How do you pick up the pieces immediately after a tragedy? What are the sites and sounds after a horrible explosion and fire, what are the feelings of the staff?, How do you get back on track? How do you change the culture moving forward?

Winner of National ASME Uzgiris-Barnett award for lifetime of work related to developing the world's first industrial combustion system safety and trip testing system applied to more than 50,000 pieces of industrial combustion equipment throughout the world.