Mr. Puskar brings over 35 years of experience to the table regarding boilers, fuels and combustion systems problem solving. Mr. Puskar has a unique ability to communicate effectively at all levels whether it be operations or maintenance staffs or the boardroom. His background as a licensed professional engineer, licensed contractor, corporate leader, union safety advocate, and code committee member provides competence at all levels that are unique within this industry.

For problems you have never had before related to fuels, boilers, combustion equipment, furnace, oven quality problems, steam systems, labor grievances, or projects that are every 20 to 50 years.

I am tired of hearing we still

​have that problem

YOU Need an Owners Advocate 

Subject Matter Expert!

  • Immediate emergency response after fires or explosions​
  • Immediate emergency response after major plant outages of utility systems
  • Change our health and safety culture after an accident or near miss.
  • Assist with resolving labor grievance issues.

I have assisted with the following and more for the world's largest corporations for more than 30 years!

Someone out there looking after your interests! 

  • Help see us through a major fuel conversion or combustion equipment purchase, installation or retrofit.
  • Review of contractor work scopes and prices
  • Come to construction meetings and represent the owner.
  • Review site work for completion percentage and to certify payments

We just had a fire or explosion, we have no idea what to do, OSHA is coming? What do we do? What have others done in the past?

Is there someone out there who can listen to both sides and explain all of this simply to us and tell us the truth?

Acronyms are making me crazy: ASME B31.1, 31.3, NFPA 54,56,85, 86, 87, What the heck are

they talking about, BMS, CCS, LEL?????

They say they need an

extra for this and an extra for that. I have no idea what the truth really is or why I need these things?